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Museum of Photography. Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

National museum. Brasilia DF

Televisa Foundation. Mexico City. Mexico

Private collections

Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Florianópolis

Develops projects with photography, video, performance, readings and texts. She participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and in 2015, 2016 and 2017 of the exhibition Develar y Detonar in Madrid, Mexico City and the USA. In 2016, she organized and launched the publications Body without synonym and Expanding bodies library. Her recent artistic production starts from specific political contexts and proposes a game based on the artist's image and the possibilities of displacing speeches and presences. She has a special interest in words, reading aloud and the image of the body as a device for creation. She sees his work enhanced in the relationship between art and context. She is one of the creators and managers of the cultural space Alfaiataria, in Curitiba.

2016 Master in Visual Arts from UDESC / Florianópolis

2010 specialization in History of Modern and Contemporary Art by EMBAP-PR

2009 Graduation in Social Communication - Journalism at PUCPR (2009)

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