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Be +1 invite +1


Curated by Luana Navarro and Guilherme Jaccon

Alfaiataria / Curitiba


Artists: Ana González, Coletivo Fudeu, Eliana Borges, Eliane Brum, Emanuel Neto, Faetusa Tezelli, Fernanda Grigolin, Francisco Mallmann, Gustavo Cabocco, Jornal de Borda, Readings for now, Letícia Parente, Lidia Ueta, Marie Carangi, Milla Jung, Bandeyra Movement, Pablo Paniagua, Ricardo Ayres and Vivaldo Vieira Neto.

Raul Cruz Scene


Curated by Paulo Reis

Co-curatorship Luana Navarro

Expansion Events Curator Elenize Dezgeniski

SESI Gallery / Curitiba


Retrospective of Paraná artist Raul Cruz.

CENA RAUL CRUZ proposed an extensive approach to the artist's production by jointly showing his works in painting, drawing, engraving, documentary records of plays and performances, as well as texts. Raul Cruz (1957-1993) was born in Curitiba and had an intense performance in the city, in an artistic trajectory that began in the 1980s and ended early in the early 1990s. The broader objective was to present the plurality of his investigations poetic.

Exhibition teaser:

San Francisco is not holy


Organization Luana Navarro and Paulo Reis


Publication edited from the project Gilda invites Maria Bueno da Cia Senhas de Teatro.

André Malinski, Deborah Bruel, Janaina Matter, Etruska and Banana, Jorge Bucksdricker, Marcos Frankowicz, Neide Marela, Alberto Melo Vianna, André Masseno, Antonio Thadeu Wojciechowski and Frederico Medeiros.

Tactics for exchanges and crossings


Curated by Luana Navarro and Elenize Dezgeniski

SESI Gallery / Curitiba

Artists: Ana Rocha, Bruno Costa, Cintia Ribas, Elenize Dezgeniski, Faetusa Tezelli, Lailana Krinski, Lidia Ueta, Mai Fujimoto and Patrícia Lion

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